We provide Bulk Messaging Services to a variety of firms. We provide bulk SMS gateway for sending SMS. Send Text and Voice SMS through internet from your computer or laptop to mobile of any service provider. Our bulk SMS gateway can import contacts from excel files, create and manage groups, send bulk Text and Voice SMS at a single click. Get your sender ID without any extra cost. SMS delivery to both CDMA and GSM mobiles.

We will automatically refund credits of undeliverd SMS

You have to update your KYC. It is compulsory.

We provide open DND route.



Our bulk SMS service is suitable for :

  • Real Estate Groups

  • Hotels & Restaurants

  • Schools & Colleges

  • Universities

  • Recruitment Agencies

  • Public Examination Bodies

  • Clubs & Societies

  • Banking & financial

  • Courier Services

  • Stock Broking Firms

  • Automotive Sector

  • Media and Entertainment

  • Retail sector/ Distribution agencies

  • Marketing Agencies

  • Consumer Durable Sellers

  • Greeting on festivals

  • Election campaigning

  • Reminders

  • Jewelers

  • Software Companies

  • Insurance Agents

  • Instant message to members of any organisation

  • All type of invitations

  • Share views and thoughts

  • General public awareness

  • Meeting information and many more uses


(For international Voice SMS, 8 Indian Voice SMS units will be debited)



Flat rate : 16 Paise per SMS

For Voice SMS :  http://imojo.in/voicewebsmspro  For text SMS : http://imojo.in/smswebsmspro

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